Cave Bear

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A cave bear toy figure by Papo. 
The cave bear is now extinct but has long coexisted with the brown bears that we know today. While the two species were similar in some respects, the cave bear was physically larger, reaching up to 1.30 metres on all fours and 3.50 metres when standing up. It weighed three times the weight of a brown bear, 450 kg. Lonely nature, the cave bear spent the spring feeding and so can hibernate throughout the winter. It was not unusual for some to perish during this period for lack of food. Many bones have been found at the bottom of caves, hence their name "cave bear".

- Approx 13.50 cm long
- High-quality and lovingly hand-painted
- Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints
- Educational, detailed model toy
- Not suitable for ages under 3
- Part of our Papo Dinosaur Collection
- Item number 55066