Papo Acrochantosaurus

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A acrocanthosaurus dinosaur toy figure by Papo. 
The acrocanthosaurus, of the theropods family, was a large bipedal predator that can measure up to 12 metres long and weighs 7.2 tons. His name means "high thorns", he comes from the spines ending his vertebrae. It is assumed that they allowed long chains of muscle to be attached to the back, hips, and predator's neck. He also had a long and powerful tail that allowed him to counterbalance the head and body as well as small forelimbs ideal for capturing and holding prey during the hunt.

- Approx 28 cm long
- High-quality and lovingly hand-painted
- Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints
- Educational, detailed model toy
- Not suitable for ages under 3
- Part of our Papo Dinosaur Collection
- Item number 55062