Best Dinosaur Toys For 5 Year Olds

Best Dinosaur Toys For 5 Year Olds

These super-fun gifts for dinosaur lovers will have them roaring with glee!

If you’re on the hunt for dinosaur-themed presents for budding paleontologists, take inspiration from our 5-year-olds gift guide. Here you’ll find a roundup of the best dinosaur gifts that are sure to capture the interest of any dinosaur-loving 5-year-old in the UK.


Schleich Dinosaurs

Kids love collecting dinosaurs! Help them start building their dinosaur toy collection with Schleich’s great mix of plant-eating giants and deadly predators, including lots of fearsome favourites. Schleich’s highly detailed dinosaur figures are ideal for young dinosaur collectors and are sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

Schleich Dinosaur Figure

Natural History Museum Balancing Pteranodon

This cool balancing pteranodon appears to defy gravity but is actually incredibly easy to balance on your finger, nose, pen or bookshelf – in fact almost anywhere. A fantastic choice for a dinosaur mad kid who already has a big collection of dinosaur figures. 

Natural History Museum The Amazing Balancing Pteranodon

T Rex Projector & Room Guard

What’s not to love? This large, scary T-Rex roars into action every time an unwanted visitor trespasses into your bedroom! It can also project 24 images onto your bedroom wall – up to 1m wide – and features 18 species of dinosaur, including firm favourites like Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops.

T Rex Room Guard & Projector


Dinosaur Day at the Museum

Most dinosaur puzzles are a scenic picture of dinosaurs and they all seem quite similar - but not this one! Transport yourself to a Dinosaur Museum with this beautifully illustrated, high quality, 72-piece puzzle. The canister with a rope handle makes for easy storage too. 

Day at the museum 72 piece puzzle


T-Rex Head Torch

Whether it’s a cool torch to explore the woods with or light for some under-the-covers reading, this fearsome T-Rex Head Torch is sure to delight any dino fan. Shine a light straight ahead for outdoor adventures, or have it tilted for a more calming reading light, and with two clicks of a button you can even make the dino head ROAR! 

T-Rex Head Torch


The Land of Dinosaurs Play Set

Perfect for dino fans wishing for a landscape for their dinosaur figures. Excellent value, this sturdy playset aims to help depict the rugged landscape that the dinosaurs once walked upon. It has lots of colourful details like lava erupting from the top of the volcano, trees, shrubs and a waterfall. 

 Papo Land of Dinosaurs Volcano Playset

Glow Stars & Dinosaurs

Dinosaur lovers can transform ceilings and walls when the lights go out into a fantastic glowing dinosaur display. This pack is fantastic value, crammed full of 35 glow stars and 8 dinosaurs glow-in-the-dark stickers.