How to Make Dinosaur Party Hats

How to Make Dinosaur Party Hats

Make the coolest dino party hats around! Follow these simple steps to give your plain party hats a roarsome twist. 

To make the dinosaur party hats you will need:

  • Pre bought cone party hats in different colours
  • Coloured card
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape

How to make your dinosaur party hats

Cut out a long rectangle of your coloured card with a width of about 5 cm and the same length as your party hat. Draw a line down the centre of the length of your rectangle and cut a zig zag down one side by cutting triangles that reach the centre. Score your dinosaur spines along the centre where you drew the line and fold your triangles over. Then simply attach the folded tab to the hat with glue, or sticky tape and you're done!

Mix and match different coloured party hats with your cut out coloured dinosaur spines. You'll find that colours which are opposite to each other on the colour wheel look great together, like green and orange. 

Give to guests for them to wear on arrival, or display on your table.

How to make dinosaur party hats