Stikbot Dino Egg

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Inspire the next Steven Spielberg!

The Stiktriceratops, Stikstegosarus, Stikpachycephalosaurus, and Stikparasaurolophus live in harmony while the Stikdilophosaurus, Stikpterodactyl and Stikvelociraptors roam the land looking for their next meal. Will the herbivores be able to team up and stop the carnivores? As the director, it’ll be up to you!

Each egg contains one Stikbot Dino and one educational leaflet. Seven styles and 9 different colours including a rare colour to collect. Once you've created your 
stop-motion masterpiece, share it with #Stikbot for all your friends to see!

- One supplied, picked at random

- Suggested for ages 4+
- StikBot Animation App is free to download for iPhone and Android