Volcano Expedition Base Camp

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Researcher Yuki, from Schleich Dinosaurs large volcano expedition, collects all sorts of information about dinosaurs in her research container. Suddenly she hears a loud rumbling sound. The entire mountain vibrates and starts to smoke! She reacts quickly and jumps into her escape chute, which takes her to a secret cave below the volcano. Just in time!

The volcano is erupting! The eruption function allows stones to be catapulted from the volcano crater. The volcano vibrates and smokes. The LED light function, which is integrated in the lava flow and some stones, creates an exciting play atmosphere! The obstacle course on the back of the volcano provides even more action-packed fun.

- Cool smoke function!
- Volcano glows, thanks to LED light function
- With life like dinosaur sound effects
- Glowing stones included
- Volcano erupts and vibrates during eruption

- Approx size 45.7L x 43.5W x 35.7H cm
- Batteries required: 4 button cell batteries (Included) and 3 AA batteries (not included)
- Not suitable for ages under 4
- Part of our Schleich Dinosaur Collection
- Schleich Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp 42564

Contents: A Dinosaur researcher Yuki, a Giganotosaurus, an Ankylosaurus, a volcano, a container, a railing container, a railing bridge, a bridge, a railing top, a railing corner, a projectile holder, a stone marble, 2 large stones, 3 medium stones, 4 small stones, 2 large crystals, 2 small crystals, a Liana, 2 large plants, 3 small plants and a Stalactite